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Worldline;Dead 31/07/2018

“Worldline;Dead” started out as an individual track, “Prologue One” in late 2013. The last track heard on this album is that very recording. A halt then followed, leaving the album shelved until early 2017.

A sunny view of a cloud hanging over a mountain seen on the back of “Worldline;Dead” CD signifies a feeling specific to anyone hearing the tracks. A darkened space with a ray of light in the distance is seen differently by everyone. Both sides of the CD have been altered for this site.

Why do things that happen, happen? “Worldline;Dead” just happened and its signature sound was lost forever. The very first track published by Monolith after the release of “Worldline;Dead” sounded nothing like the first album. Nothing published ever since did.

It's been said that Worldline;Dead has a secret 14th track.

undefined - Memories



As Of Right Now


Break Your Mind

Severity Of Destiny

Help, Kill

Evildoer's Dance

Prying Eyes

Devil's Hand

Collapsing Structure

Watermelon's Symphony

The Impact


Rencontre 23/03/2023

"Rencontre" resembles an encouter with someone or something, be it familiar or not. What is a minotaur, or a marionette if not associations in our minds. What does Korvis even stand for? The listener holds the power not to guess, but to connect. What would a sarcophagus mean to you?

Moving on from "Worldline;Dead", this album proceeds to savagely stab its past into inexistence. Rising up from the flames of over 2 hours worth of demos, whilst being only 23 minutes long, roughly 3 times shorter than its predecessor, "Rencontre" sets out for a faster impression.

undefined - Narikala


Narikala (Intro)

Korvis the Robot






Caucasus (Outro)

A System Message 23/04/2023

"A System Message" can be an system update notification that you receive on your smartphone. Usually it's formatted in a way so that you cannot unsee it. What if the content of this notification isn't exaclty about an update, a bit more ominous than that, it is a WARNING.

Be sure to check your System Messages.

undefined - Alternative Dimension


Alternative Dimension (Intro)


A System Message




Darkroom Laboratory

Intermission (Outro)

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